Monday, December 17, 2007

Post Your Questions Here ?????

OK here is a place to post your questions.

Q & A, This Thursday, Dec 20 ON How to Deal with and Protect , YOUR MONEY from Debit Card Fraud$$$$


I am amazed on the interest on topic of Debit Card FRAUD.
I guess the timing is good with all of the shopping right now.
But I had no idea how much people would want some answers.
So I called a few of my friends that would also be able to help with answers.

And they are able to do a conference call on this
12/20, Thursday at 7pm Pacific Time, 10 pm Eastern Time.

I have Mary from Above All Financial that does both Credit Repair and Credit Monitoring.
I also have Jenny from Wells Fargo that works with a lot of my clients on business accounts and business credit.

They are doing a lot of research to help us understand and learn the best ways to deal with this and understand it. But most important protect our money and credit.

Because they are doing us such a great favor and their time is so valuable I will not host this call if I do not have a commitment from at least 30 people to get on the call.

So email me at if you can be on this call or have questions. I have also set up a blog to post questions so we can give them an idea of what people want to know. Even if you can not be on the call and have questions send them in and post them on the blog and the call will be recorded.

Wealthy Wishes and Happy Holidays
Kristen Marie

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Ernie Larson said...

What do you think of companies like Lifelock that supposedly keep your identity secure?

What are other means to keep informantion secure?